Dex's Sound Files

Sounds from USS Newport News and other Sources

These MP3 Sound files are for the listening pleasure of my USS Newport News Shipmates and other friends. I used Master FX software
and my trusty old Akai X-1800SD tape recorder (see inserts in photo below) to digitize the tapes. Dexter Goad 2/7/00
Sound Man at work.

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Sound Files

WRRK, Pittsburgh, PA (0:33min, 67KB) Talk Show Host Jim Quinn pays Homage to our Fallen Shipmates, 10/02/2003

Armed Forces Radio, Saigon (0:58 min, 110KB) recorded off coast near Saigon, 12/67

CO Brief on Perth and Collete Missions (1:25 Min 188KB) Capt. McCarty briefs crew on night's missions 1 Dec. 67

Dec, 1967 Huntley-Brinkley Report (2:54 min, 339KB) Audio from TV news account of Thunder in NAM

Dec. 19, 1967, Capt. McCarty on being shot at (7:17 Min 855KB) N. Viets fire on McCormick and Newport News

May 16, 2000, Capt. McCarty Remembers (5:45 min, 660KB) Phone conversation between Captain McCarty and Chief Goad recorded 33 years after above recording. Both recordings were made on the Akai pictured in top photo.

Capt. "Boom Boom" Snyder on Danang Shoot (2:10 min, 272KB) recorded NAM 03/68

Chief "Superman" Goad on Danang Shoot (4:08 min, 511KB) recorded NAM 03/68

Fox Plotting Room Jam Session (2:24 min, 302KB) recorded enroute to Hong Kong, 03/68

Fox Jam, Part Duh (2:14 min, 278KB) recorded enroute to Hong Kong, 03/68

NN at Pearl Harbor, 12/68 (1:32 Min, 198KB) A CPO shares his thoughts of Pearl Harbor and NAM

Captain Snyder Briefs Crew (2:54 min, 363KB) recorded NAM 12/68

NN Christmas Choir (1:27 min, 177KB) recorded NAM 12/68

More Christmas '68 Music (1:11min, 183KB) Ron Ermlick plays his harmonica - Windows Media Audio (WMA)File

SECNAV Chafee's Address to NN Crew (1:38 min, 210KB) recorded NAM 05/69

Leeward Tower, This is Navy 101 (2:45 min, 310KB) This and below song recorded by 1st Lt Don Knapp USMC 1963

Cuba, Cuba, Cuba is My Home (4:35 min) This and above song contributed by Leo Lawton of VU-10, Gitmo, 1963

ThunderDuck Sings (0:40 78KB) A Spoof Song allegedly recorded by our 68 NAM Mascot

Stanley Pilot Memorial (29.17 min 1.7MB) A tape letter recorded by a Shipmate killed in NAM, 1972

Wabash Cannon Ball, NN Reunion (2:44 338KB) Bill Minick, Rudy Ritter Entertain, recorded Norfolk 6/99

Cincinati Rag, NN Reunion (1:32 min, 198KB) Bill Minick, Rudy Ritter Entertain, recorded Norfolk 6/99

Matchbox, NN Reunion (2:08 min, 272KB) Bill Minick, Rudy Ritter Entertain, recorded Norfolk 6/99

Swinging Doors (2:42 min 480KB) Bill Minick and Roy Johnson jam at NN Reunion in Norfolk, VA, 06/01

Miller's Cave (3:04 min 542KB) Dexter sings(?) and plays(??) guitar with Bill and Roy at 2001 Reunion 06/01

Rubber Dolly (1:40 min 296KB) Roy's picking is featured as Bill sings at 2001 Reunion, 06/01

On My Way to Gitmo (2:37 min, 475KB) Bill and Roy sing and pick one of Thunder Shipmates' favorites, 06/01

In Memory of Bill Minick who reported for duty with our Supreme Commander on 12/13/01

Thanks to Chuck (THE "ZENMASTER") Zendner for the
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