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I spent twenty years in the Navy and had two tours on the USS Newport News from 1961-64 and 1966-69. In 1967, when we went to "NAM", I was assigned as the Chief Petty Officer in charge of the Main Battery Fire Control Equipment that controlled the aiming and firing of the big 8in guns. While firing on the enemy (and receiving return fire) we matured ahead of our time. I was proud to be a Shipmate of the men on

"Thunder, the Gray Ghost from the East Coast"

"The Chief" and "Thunder" visit San Francisco after Vietnam tour.
Captain "Boom Boom" Snyder supervises firing at enemy coast.
(Ship's Photo from 68 Cruise Book, Others this Page D Goad)

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Below left, "The Chief" is visited by "The Sarge", Cousin Riley Goad, US Army, off Vietnam Coast.
The faded Photo above right is the only picture I have of My Ship and My Barbara together
Epilogue: January 9, 2000
The same day the photo at the top of this page of me was taken, a war protester in downtown San Francisco tried to spit on the Vietnam Ribbons on my uniform. The cooler heads of two Shipmates kept me out of the Frisco Jail that night. That was a sad time when some of the military were ashamed to wear their uniforms in public and the Navy even shocked us old-timers by allowing all sailors to have civilian clothes on board our ships. Iím happy to say that things have really changed since those dark days in the sixties. Since this site was showcased on AT&Tís Worldnet Community Port Dec-Jan, I have been receiving about 550 hits a week, mostly from non-military folks. Their email and guest book comments have been fully supportive of our military personnel. As I told the Webmaster of our official
site today; ďChuck, I think we have our Patriotic Citizens back!Ē
Dexter Goad, Master Chief Petty Officer, USN, Retired

Update: August 15, 2002
While going through my old slides recently, I came across the two deterioating photos below. The war protestor mentioned above was burned into my memory, but I had completely forgotton the hundreds of San Francisco Patriots who stood in line for hours to visit Thunder and show their support for our boys returning from war. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. These two photos speak volumes. DG

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