Captain Lindsay McCarty, 1920-2004
USS Newport News CA148, 1966-68

For the Skipper


Captain McCarty departed this earth June 28th and is now sailing the eternal sea with all
his family, friends and crew that started the voyage before him. I was privileged to serve
under our Captain during the first Vietnam cruise. His devotion to crew and duty were
without reproach. His nightly talks were legendary and made all us youngsters feel a little
more at ease, particularly during those times when we were under fire. Al Siegel NN67-70

I served under many COs during my 20-year Navy career and rode the ships
with many others at Gitmo, but Captain McCarty was the greatest leader
and most wonderful humanitarian I ever met. Dexter Goad, NN66-69

In my brief four years of service in the US Navy, Capt. McCarty was the only CO
I had who made me feel comfortable to be around him. His conduct and demeaner
made me feel proud to be from Kentucky. Jimmie D. Gregory NN67-69

I'm proud to have served under Captain McCarty's command.
In more than half a century, I've served no leader for whom
I've had more respect or affection. Carl W. Cole NN67-68

One nite while on duty in the bake shop, I looked up to see Captian McCarty.
He ask me if I would bring a loaf of bread to the bridge. After I finished baking the
bread I took it up to the bridge and the Captain got a real big smile on his face. He
said, It Looks like we are going to have a party. That was a real treat for me.
Captain McCarty was real "SPECIAL" and "One of a Kind" Bob Jones NN66-68

I spent 27 years with the Navy in one capacity or another. During that time I served
under many Commanding Officers. Most were pretty good, some were okay but only a
couple really stood out. Captain McCarty was at the top. He was more of a crewman's
CO than any other I served under. Good-bye Skipper. Rick Stone, NN67-69

Captain McCarty was one of four COs I served under while aboard the News, yet that
year or so of his command has left a lasting impression on me. I have vivid memories of
him, on the bridge, talking on the 1MC, eating with the crew. He was a born leader, and
I think it was because of his concern and commitment for his men. I am a better man for
having served under him. Fair winds and following seas Skipper. John Noll NN66-70

I am saddened by the passing of the Captain. All my commanding officers were good
men. But Captain McCarty excelled them all. I remember one of his favorite phrases
when he was describing a strike mission we were about to go on. He would say, "We
are going to hit them, and we are going to hit them hard". Us in 5th division nicknamed
him "Hit'em hard McCarty." See you a little later Captain. Robert Taylor NN67-68

Was saddened to hear about his passing. He was not only a great Captain but a
man at the same time. Things that showed he was just as human as you and I, but
somehow maintained his rank and position from a point of respect, not by the insignia
on his collar. He lead a group of boys to war and left behind a brotherhood of men.
A true American hero. He was an inspiration to us all. John Dowell NN67-'70

I met the Captain twice. Once for spotting a object in the water while on aft lookout.
He said I did very well and offered a tour of CIC and showed me everything. This was
during war games for NATO in the north atlantic. The second time was not so good.
I was called up on the carpet for debts I owed. Even then he was understanding, but
firmly reprimanded me. Go with God, Captain. Smooth Sailing. Laura Hamm NN65-67

I was one of those "kids" aboard Thunder for the cruise to Nam in 67... Not only was
Captain McCarty great for everyone on board NN, but for the families left behind, his
newsletters and continuous communications, gave everyone at home a feeling of security,
knowing that a man of deep caring was guiding these young men. Larry Wayne NN67-69

Captain McCarty was more than my CO, he was a Shipmate. He genuinely cared about
his fellow crew members as people, not just subordinates. I only met him once when I
reported aboard, yet he remembered my name and details of our meeting later during a
personnel inspection. His examples of leadership helped guide me through my later years
and my own positions of leadership. He will be long remembered. Oscar Gilbert NN66-68

I had the good fortune to meet Capt. McCarty within a few days of his taking command.
36 years later, I was similarly blessed as I enjoyed breakfast with him at the 2003 Reunion.
It was as if we were simply finishing the conversation of so many years ago. The Navy is
well known for its unusually fine officers, but, even among that esteemed company, Capt.
McCarty clearly stood apart as a very special leader. I'll miss him. Bill Firman NN66-69

Captain McCarty was the man who reassured us all with his calming tones of his wonderful
Alabama voice when telling us "This is the Captain speaking, we're all gonna be just fine,
you're all right, we're all right. I know you're tired, we're all tired. But, we're gonna rearm,
refuel and replenish. And, never a man complained. There will be many who would walk
in his steps, but none, could fill his shoes. God Bless O' Captain. Max Kinkel NN66-68

I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with Captain McCarty at Reunion 2003.
I could easily see why his Vietnam crew loved him so much. My sympathy goes out not for
Captain McCarty - for he is now sailing that eternal ocean of blue with a fresh wind always
off the quarter - but to the Vietnam era Shipmates who have lost a beloved Captain, and to
his family. Fair winds & following seas to the Captain & his Shipmates. Jim Peden NN60-62