Fox Division, 1968

USS Newport News, CA-148

Photos below courtesy Ralph DiGiacomo
Web Page and Photo Editing by D Goad

(Below) Why Fox Div always volunteered for stores working parties
(L-R) Richard Newton, David Hughes, MW Smith, Terry Righi

Jay Ponko, Bob Siedler, Gary Hughes, Ralph DJ3 DiGiacomo, R Newton

(Left Below) Dave Rapacz, R Newton, J Berg, JW Smith, Tom Earle
(Right) Christmas 1968, DaNang Harbor, Tom Earle, Ponce Speedy Gonazales,
John DJ2 DiGiacomo, Chief Santa Claus Mistrot, Tim Zero Haupt, Phil Summersgill

Captain Boom-Boom Snyder and Seaman Woodpecker Rossbach

Fox Plotting Room Jam Session
Fox Plot Jam Session Part Two
NOTE: Above Two MP3 sound files recorded 1968
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